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Dedicated To The Placement of Needy Purebred Basset Hounds. This website serves as  a national registry of Basset Rescue Groups in North America. Adoption services are performed through your local group. To easily navigate through this site, use the navigation bar which is provided to the left. 

For Group Listing and Information changes, please email David @ dhaywood2005@yahoo.com.


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Premier Rescue Affiliate - Daphneyland

National Basset Hound Club - BHCA

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Need Basset Hound General Information? Click here for Basset Hound general information including characteristics, color variations and AKC Breed Standard. 

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bassethoundrescue.com can assist you in your search Click on the 'rescues' link to locate the closest Basset Rescue Group in you area. Have questions about adoption? Click Here.

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Needing Surrender Services? Owner must relinquish guardianship of their Basset Hound. bassethoundrescue.com will assist you in finding your Basset a home by posting your information on the National Basset Rescue Group message board. Go to 'surrender' page.


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